Collagen Nutrition Enriched Emulsion


DAILY SKIN FIRMING TREATMENT -Essential for healthy skin in any types of season. Using our Collagen Nutrition Enriched Emulsion every day to make your skin glow and silky!

PROTECTIVE SKIN BARRIER – Its lightweight texture swiftly penetrates your skin surface and provide all-day-long hydration.

SPECIAL SKIN WHITENING FORMULA – This everyday-use emulsion will lighten your skin tone and rebalance your skin pH level. One of its main ingredients, Bearberry extract, acts as an astringent to fade acne marks or skin discoloration. It also contains arbutin which naturally brighten skin tone. You will find a healthier and vibrant skin tone.

POWERFUL MARINE COLLAGEN EXTRACT – Marine Collagen extracted from clean water fish deeply penetrates your skin to increase elasticity and form a protective barrier on the skin.

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