Why LBC collagen

We at LBC have always suffered with weak nails, hair growth and brittle hair. This began our search to aid in combating these issues. Until we found the wonders of taking a Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplement and saw significant hair growth and nail health. We were a bit hesitant at first, so we gave this a try and sent over a few samples to other amazing humans to give this product a go and received amazing feedback with all round health benefits just by taking the LBC Collagen Supplement.
Collagen is a major component of our skin and body. As we age our Collagen levels start to decline contributing to our overall skin and body condition. We at LBC cannot go a day without our daily dose of collagen and goodness. Are you ready to Glow from Within?


Now you might be thinking why does LBC have Coffee on their page, well not only do we enjoy our morning coffee with a teaspoon of our LBC Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen. We enjoy starting our day off motivated to go out there and be our BEST! Rise Coffee With A Purpose Does this for us!
The Story of Rise Coffee
On 24 January 2015 Ollie’s life changed in an instant. “You will never walk again” was supposed to be his life sentence when he broke his neck in a rugby match…but deep in his heart he chose to believe otherwise. His personal journey has taught him what it really means to have courage.
“One day I will walk again! When you get knocked down, take courage. Be Brave, be a Hero.”- Ollie
RISE COFFEE CO represents Ollie’s refusal to give up on life; to rise above unwelcome circumstances; to share life with others; to spread hope; to serve people; to comfort and to have compassion; and to simply appreciate every day with its blessings. This is coffee with a purpose and this is why lifestyle Beauty Co not only enjoys this coffee but simply admires the story behind it! GO OLLIE!!! If Ollie can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

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